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Hi Team, I want to ask the Q that on what grounds is the mapping happening Like P3 SKU and G2 country should have the same dimensionality in accordance to Sum fn like we used the systems module to create a list formatted line item? can we do so in all the casesScreenshot (24).png?



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    Would you mind clarifying your question?


    In general, we need to provide Anaplan with the tools to connect different lists as Anaplan does not know how break the SKUs by Country unless we specifically define it (this applies to any dimension). Having said that, please do let us know if you have any other specific questions.

    • Hi @BrunoRodriguez My Q was to use the SUM Fn we must have some common dimensionality in source and target module, which we didn't had  so we used a systems module and created a line item in it  formatted to list ( G2 country) which the source  module had i .e INV 01 and used that system module for referencing to INV02 (target module)  inventory ordering module for the safety stock count. Can we do so in any module to connect to common dimensionality?  And 2nd Q is what formula shall we use in country made in line item in order to populate the data in safety stock count.
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    1. Yes, basically we need to create "System" modules to be able to map either a one to many relationships or a many to one relationships. In doing so, you are able to tell Anaplan how to aggregate/disaggregate a number.
    2. SYS08 has the SKU details. In the same module, you have the distristribution channel - which could be connected with the Country Made In. If you create your line item formatted as a Country, you will be able to get aggregation in INV02 by Country and Product Family.

    Have a go at number two and let me know if you still struggle to see it!

  • Hi @BrunoRodriguez the Country made in couldn't be connected to supplied by line item as of dispute format.Screenshot (25).png

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    That would have to be a Parent rather than equal right? That way you will get the Country each Location is based on.

  • Sure @BrunoRodriguez thanks got the answer