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I'm looking for a way to export data to match a client's mockup. My export module is set up with all necessary dimensions but I can't figure out a way to have my line items (Area, Account, Budget Code, etc.) to the left of my time in months - layout only needed upon export.


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  • ryan_kohn
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    The simplest way to accomplish this is usually to store these as list properties, and leverage the Labels capability in exports in order to generate the export.


    From the Anapedia page on exporting data in grid layout:

    5. Optionally, in the Labels tab, select the Include Row Label Headers checkbox to include row headers in the export.
    For example, in an XLS file, the model component positioned on rows in your module displays as a header in the A1 cell. This might be Line items, or the name of a list. 

    6. Optionally, in Labels, if the export contains a list, select the list labels you want to include in the export.
    You can include list item names, codes, and properties. The default label is Name. You can select X next to a label to remove it from the export.

    If you're familiar with the Planual, you may know that we don't generally recommend using List Properties (see 1.05-03); however, an exception to this rule is when you are using list properties as export labels per the above.


    To keep in line with best practices, you should continue to store the property values in an attributes module (usually a System module or Data module), and the properties should refer to the module line items.




    System module with Account L3 attributes:



    Properties on Account L3 list:



    Properties grid view:



    Output module with monthly revenue data below. Note that there are no line items with attributes.




    Export definition (Labels tab) is below. Note the selections of Include Row Label Headers, and the Sector and Industry properties selected for Account L3.




    Final export format is below. Note the additional columns that include the Account L3 properties.







  • Hey @Tykili ,


    How are you planning on having the line items varying per day based on the layout presented? Could those excel columns be dimensions?



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    Bruno Rodriguez

  • @BrunoRodriguez Apologies, I should have mentioned that the line items do not apply to time or version. They're more-so attributes to list items which I have set as subsidiary views.

  • This worked perfectly, thank you for the thorough explanation!