Hi Team,


Please assist me with this.


After inserting my formulae, I noticed a difference in value in my Suggested Order amount.


My value is 8192, the screenshot has 8194.




I am also attaching the formulae in my line items so you can guide me



What am i missing



  • Hello @Adejimi ,


    if I recall correctly, I believe that the forecast demand for the second week had been overrides manually at a certain stage to add the extra 2, which would mean that your formulas are on point (congratulations!). 

    Please refer back to the previous lessons and you should find it.



  • Thanks but this is really not helpful especially.


    I will appreciate more 

  • Hey!


    basically you need to go to DEM03 and override the initial forecast demand for ‘Nutzo Bar_EN’ and ‘Candyate’ from 60 to 62 in week 2.