Power Query - Get Data from Anaplan


I use Power Query within Excel to connect to online sources such as Salesforce. Is it possible to connect Power Query within Excel to Anaplan and how do I do this? I have seen an article about the Power BI connector but I cannot see a link to where I would download it from or whether I can use this with Power Query in Excel specifically. Thank you. 


  • @kristenr 

    That is such an awesome idea. You can use Power Query to call an Anaplan API but you'll probably have to use Version 1 APIs and use basic authentication. When PowerBI first came out that's how everyone connected to Anaplan. Same way. Eventually, Anaplan developed the native integration for PowerBI. Perhaps we can convince Anaplan to also build the integration for Power Query.

    The bottom line is that you can only get data in and out of Anaplan using their API. There's no other way. Even Salesforce, Anaplan Connect, Tableau, Alteryx, Informatica, Mulesoft, etc. they all use Anaplan's API. So for now that's how you can do it. 

  • Thanks Jared. Is there a link to instructions on how I would do this - ie call an Anaplan API?
  • @kristenr 

    Nice! I just looked it up. Looks like you can use the same connector that PowerBI uses. What luck. Here's the link.


    It will help to be familiar with how Anaplan APIs work but this will get you started.

    Also, keep in mind you will only be able to connect to your "default" workspace using this add-in.

  • @JaredDolich

    Sorry to reply on an old thread! I'm looking to implement something very similar, a connection to Anaplan via Power Query in excel. (Anaplan add-in is not suitable as I need more than three dimensions in rows).

    How did you leverage the Power BI connector in excel? I noticed that the connector used in Power BI (the Anaplan() function) was not recognised in Power Query excel.