Remove End Total from Waterfall Chart




I am trying to publish a waterfall chart on classic dashboard. However, it is automatically showing "End Total" (screenshot attached).

In New UX there is an option whether you want the end total or not but its not the same in classic dashboard. Is there any way I can hide end total in old dashboard?





  • @shruti.jain 


    I don't think that we can hide the end totals in Classic UX when using waterfall chart. As you have already discovered that you could do that only in New UX.




    Miz Logix

  • @shruti.jain 

    I think you can if you apply a filter to your source grid.

    It can be simple Boolean with formula "TRUE" with turned off summary.

  • I'm actually trying to figure out why an 'End Total' isn't showing up in UX. Is thier an opt out field I inadvertently selected?

  • Shlomo


    This happens to me if I haven't included all the line items that add to the total in the view:

  • @Shlomo thanks for the fast response. I confirmed all the line items are in the view. Any other thoughts?

  • Welp, I just recreated the same line items, same format, same order and this time it worked. Wish I knew what the difference was but I guess I'm all set.


  • Shlomo

    there's a field in blueprint view callled Is Summary. That can trip it up too sometimes