Issue with changing source model



I am currently following the Level 2 - Model Building Sprint 2. I had to change the source model to the Data Hub created during Sprint 1. Unfortunately, the name of the source didn't change when I clicked on "Edit Mapping" but just added the details in "Mapped to". 


When I followed the next steps to populate data from a specific module view, it added the first line in model source. 

I now have several data sources and cannot use Actions as requested during Level 2 Sprint 2.

Could you please advise ? 


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  • @mariedelville 

    The key is to change the source of the "saved view". Another way you can accomplish this is to click on each action, then click "edit", only on the ones that have a saved view and point it to the correct source, like so:




  • @JaredDolich here is what I see when I click on Edit : "API Invocation failed : illegal argument"


    Could you please help me ? 

  • @mariedelville 


    Source Model works when you want to change the source of all the actions/imports from one model to another model with the caveat that these two source models are structurally compatible.  If you have DATA HUB 1 as source and now you want the source to be DATA HUB 2. As long as DATA HUB 1 and 2 are similar in structure, I don't think there will be any issues but if they are different in structure then it may not work the way you are expecting it work. For more info read this


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