Jira Integration


How can we integrate Jira with Anaplan. Can anyone please help me out.


  • @siri2raju 


    There are Anaplan APIs which you can use for Integration . 





  • @siri2raju 

    @Misbah is correct. There isn't a native connector in JIRA for Anaplan but you can use a third party tool like Python or an ETL tool like Informatica. I don't recall JIRA having the ability to call an API so you'll have to do this outside of JIRA, then import/export the data as appropriate. Here's the link to learn more about the RESTful APIs.


  • For a low code/no code solution JIRA has the ability to export project tickets as a CSV which can be placed on S3, AzureBlob, or GoogleBQ then you would leverage Cloudworks to load directly into Anaplan.


    For a more automated solution, JIRA also has a REST API you can use to query with python to create files, then use one of our connectors, Anaplan Connect or Cloudworks to load into Anaplan.