Check your Work png file not showing the answers in MB1 lesson 8 and lesson 9 (so far)


I am working on MB1 lesson 9 now.   In the previous lesson (8) and in this lesson so far, the png. files to "check your work" after each activity are not working.   In all previous lessons (1-7) I could check my work.  


Is anyone else experiencing this issue?  Maybe it is a bug with the training material.


Does anyone have an idea how I can solve this?  Not comfortable to continue plowing forward without actually checking my work along the way.


  • Hi 87446,


    Please send a note to Academy at


    In the meantime you could try a different browser and see if that helps.



  • Thanks!

  • @CommunityMember87446 

    This can happen now and then where the images don't appear. As @ChrisStauffer mentioned you can try using a different browser or try closing your browser, all windows, and try again. Chrome incognito almost always works.

  • Thanks Jared.   Do we know the root cause behind this issue with Chrom?  Asking because I am the Product Owner of a deployed Anaplan solution and experiencing performance issues.  The close we get to exact bug identification the more it is looking like Browser behaviour is the root cause.   That issue is still under investigation however now again I see potentially browser issues / Chrom popping up so wondering if there is any correlation. 

  • 87446,


    Please send me a note about your performance issues and we can connect.