Import from Subsidiary View


Does anyone know a workaround to import from a subsidiary view?



  • @BahalR 

    You can make saved view out of subsidary and use it as your import source

  • I think, you can't import from subsidiary view directly. You can create a saved view with the subsidiary view and can import.

  • I need to import data from a module in which one line item has a subsidiary view, When I create the saved view including the other line items the values in the subsidiary view line item don't show up

  • You may need to just split your import into two separate actions.


    Also, if your subsidiary view is that different from the main module such that it doesn't show up in the main view, it's an indication that perhaps that line item should be in another module entirely. See best practice Planual rule 2.01-06 Avoid Using Subsidiary Views for more info.

  • @BahalR 

    So, for this case it'll not show. you just create another module with that dimension what you given in that line item  and with that you can create saved view and import.