The Filter is gone if left unchecked on Product Replenishment UX Page


In Level 2 Model Building 3.3.12 Activity: Create Product Replenishment UX Page, I should've make a page similar to this prototype:


This is the screenshot of the UX Page that I've made:


If you take a look, 'Planning Period Planning' grid only show us the checked months (Jan and Feb). It used to show all the months, but after I clicked 'Refresh' after unchecking some boxes (Mar to Des) it only shows the months that I've checked.  All of the unchecked boxes are gone. Is how is it supposed to look or is it completely wrong?


FYI, here are the formulas for the source of Planning Period Filter


And formulas for the filter that I used to filter the grid under 'Planning Period Filter'


Is there any incorrect formulas or summary methods that I use? please reply to me ASAP, I really need to finish this level 2 this week 😞 . If you need other information from the module, etc let me know.


  • @NadiaSafarah 


    This has less to do with the formula and more to do with the view you have created. 

    I would recommend you edit the page, edit the filter grid (grid 1 on your page) and see if you have any filters on the view you have published. 

    Start with no filter and then see which filter would make sense (if any).


    Hope this helps, else we can connect over a call and see this together. 

  • Thank you so much Ankit for your reply 😄

    I do use a filter to show months only in the module that I use for the 1st grid ('Planning Period Filter'). After I remove the filter like you said, then it appear as it have to!. But, because the learning asked us to show only months (not including Half-Year 'H1 FY 20', etc) so I used the filter of months only(before your reply).


    So after I remove the filter, I hide all the Half-Year column for the view to use in the grid.



    Here is the result in the UX page



    What do you think of this solution of hiding the Half-Year columns on the view? is it the right way to do it or do you have any better solution for it?

    TBH, I'd really loved to have a call session so I can share some screen to ask you in person about my other learning struggles. Still have a few things to ensure regarding the learning. Tell me if you have a time for a call, It would help a lot. And thank you again so much to reply to this quick.


    Best Regards,





  • Hi Nadia,

    There is a better way to hide the half year totals but let’s pick that up over a call. Check your messages