Classic Dashboard - What does this mean ?


Dear Community Members,


I am on MB Lesson 12.   I have noticed the phrase "........ on a Classic Dashboard or a UX Page" is mentioned frequently in the lessons.

I may have missed it from a previous lesson, but I do not understand what the "Classic Dashboard" refers to.    

Does this refer to the overall Anaplan Platform migration into newer versions?

If there are "Classic" Dashboards, does this mean there are also dashboards that are not classic from a model builder POV?


I am Product Owner for an Anaplan Solution so understand the new UX as we have recently migrated from old to new UX, but am left feeling uncertain what the Classic Dashboard reference means from a model builder POV.


Can anyone help me understand this?







  • Hello Laura,


    As you have said, the "classic dashboard" reference is limited to the old UX which was integrated in the models, whereas the NUX is the "not classic" alternative.


    From a model builder perspective, I do not see much difference as they are built exactly from the same modules.

    Kind regards,

    Bruno Rodriguez