Possible Hiearchy reset


Hey everyone! I've run into a problem

On Level 2 of the model builder, the task was to create saved views from imports.

 I was saving an import and what i needed to import deleted the grid work that was originally there.

Do you know how to reset a hiearchy?


Thank you!


  • @MicahMcDonald 

    Fastest way is probably to restore your model to before you made the change. You'll lose any other changes you made since the error. Here's how:

    - click on history

    - click on last 24 hours

    - click on transaction BEFORE you made the change

    - restore to ID



  • Thank you so much!
  • @MicahMcDonald 


    If you saved a view it should not interfere with the original module view.


    You can undo using the history feature in Anaplan, but be careful here as it will affect other people's work if they are working on the same model 


    My recommendation is to see the view required, and create it carefully and save it as a view. You can always change it if it not correct.



  • Thank you!