MB 1 13 6 4 and 13 6 5




Working through MB 1- on lesson 13 now to set up UX pages.


The results of my first attempt at a Volume Chart, followed by Margin Chart result in something not desired.

The line graphs follow along the periods then comes the full year values.


The full year values make the visualization unusable from an end user Point of View because the full year value distorts the values so much that the periodic values look like a flat line.


I went and changed it by selecting View (lesson 13 6 4 in the already saved Chart UX view under the model itself and in the 13 6 5 custom design lesson).  


However this method of manually selecting NOT to show the full year column seems unsustainable to me since as the years roll forward, someone will need to remember and go into the select view to deselect the full year view,


Also, I think I remember somewhere in the lessons a "Tip" was given not to use View select/deselect for the Time dimension.  However, going over my notes I cannot find this.


Can anyone tell me, is there a better approach to "supress" / not show the full year values on a line chart?  


Attaching below a screenshot of how I got the Chart I want - but thinking this is not the best way.


Any advice is much appreciated.








  • Hello @CommunityMember87446 ,


    Rather than manually selecting the time periods to show, you could apply a filter. For instance, you could create a boolean in a system module where the time period is month and make it true, which would provide you every single month. Alternatively, you could make all the months within the current year true by playing with the time formulas, which would limit it to the months within the current year.


    Lastly, a more user-friendly way to do it would be creating these filters in a module that is dimensioned by user. That way, each user would have different filters and would be seeing different information within the dashboard. If you want to even make it more convoluted, you can give the user a grid of booleans to control what they are seeing at each moment in time. One of the benefits of having this kind of grid (refer to the image below) by user is that the dashboard gets updated in real time.




    Hope that helped!



    Kind regards,

    Bruno Rodriguez

  • Hi,

    That is a fair question and honestly, kudos to you for thinking about Sustainability (part of PLANS). To me, you’re already killing it!

    Think of it in terms of DISCO. What you need here is a System module. What would help is to have a ‘Month Only’ filter in a time dimensioned system module.
    Create a system module ‘SYS:Time’ dimensioned only by time.
    Create a new Boolean formatted line item ‘Month Only’ and write ‘TRUE’ in the formula
    Make sure the summary is set to None. This will turn off all summaries (years).

    Use this line item as a filter on your time dimension in any module where you want month only.

    I’d have shared a mock up but I’m sure you’d be able to take the hint and get it done. All the best!

  • This is exactly what I was thinking.


    Thinking is though that I am following a very defined script of exactly what to do.. meaning I am working through the Model Building 1 - first level beginners.    I am pretty sure I checked every activity against the expected output in the lessons, so was surprised to see this issue coming up here as I progress the lessons.  


    That made me unsure.


    I am going back to the systems modules now and update the alternate views I am referencing there to build my UX to go ahead and filter only Forecast Periods in a sustainable. way.  


    Thanks for giving me the confidence to do that.... didn't want to mess of the Model 1 but I agree, this is the way to tackle this problem 


    Thanks again!