Level 1 Activity 5 _ Employee expense Lookup Formulas resulting in zeros


I am getting zeros for my lookup formulas in Activity 5 for employee expenses.


EMP03 Employee Drivers by Role seems right.   Attached


SYS08 Employee Details seems right _ Roles, Departments.  Attached


My lookup reference formula seems right - referencing the EMP03 file and mapping to the associates via Lookup in the Sys08 File 


What am I not seeing here?   Can anybody give me a pointer.


Also... what happens if you time out in the exam?





  • Hi @CommunityMember87446 


    You are almost right. Let me ask you a question - how did you decide what should be the basis of LOOKUPS?

    EMP01(source) is dimensioned by Country and Departments so you'd want to check if you have a lookup for both the dimensions.


    Hope that helps!

  • Thank you for your response.


    I have also narrowed down that I failed to put the "applies to" List dimension up front.

    The problem I am having now is that I cannot add it after the fact.  I keep getting error messages because I went forward with the tasks before the problem became obvious and everything is so intertwined now.


    I am thinking the best way to solve the problem is to reset my model to an earlier version.  Then redue being careful not to make the same dimension omission which I did at first which is leading to this problem (I think).


    Can you guide me where to reset my Model to the start of Activity 5 tasks?

  • Hi,

    You will have to go into 'History' and see where did you start Activity 5 and then restore your model to that point. It is a bit cumbersome to comb through the history points manually.





    Is it possible to connect over teams/zoom and look at it together? It would be easier and faster.

  • Thanks so much.


    Looked deeper into the lesson material on LOOKUP vs SUM.


    One possible feedback (and maybe I am just forgetting).... I don't recall exercises using both methodologies for the Formula in the lesson.   Given the traffic in the community blog on this specific point, it might be a nice add for the training lessons.  


    I got it corrected and passed the exam, but needed to go back into lesson material (during the middle of the exam) to figure out.   One thing for sure... after that I won't forget to reflect on the formula alternatives for fetching data 


    Thanks for your question on what to reflect on!  Big help!