How can I add a drop down list that allows end user to filter data in grid?


I have a headcount dashboard with grid that shows employee name, team, region, level, etc. The end user will validate the information in the dashboard so I want to give them the option to filter different columns to search for specific fields (employee name, team, region, level, etc.).


I have created a card that links to a module where I've created the line items I'd like to show filters for. However, when I select a drop down from the card I've created it doesn't filter the data in the grid. I'm thinking that I may have missed a step linking the card with the filters and the grid or that I'm missing something on the module that is populating the grid, but I haven't been able to find any info on this.


I've attached screenshots of the filters module, filter card configuration, and the grid and filters UX. Any help would be greatly appreciated.