Code and Items?


Hello Everyone, 


Instructions for go as follow: Create Build Region Saved View 

Create a saved view for importing: 

  • Module Name: SYS05 Region Details 
  • Saved View Name: Build Region 
  • Include: Code and items

Make sure to select SHOW for the Code line item and save the view. This will ensure that as new line items are added, they will not be included in the saved view and imports will be faster. 


However, my module only contains Code - no items. I do not have a view obstructing anything. 


 Am I missing other line items? This is a freshly downloaded model so I doubt that's the case; however, the instructions are confusing me. 




  • By items it means list items - which is basically your dimension. So you need the dimension and the code line item in your view. you are already good to go
  • Appreciate it! Sometimes the language these lessons use aren't very clear.