Update a combination list MB Level 3




I'm trying to create a combination list and wondering how the best practice is to update valid combinations. In level 3 I saw a learning video where they created a manual line item and a boolean line item called just "Data?". Do you know what this line item is looking at? 


  • @wskagegard 


    The line item "Data?" is referencing a data module in the Data Hub that is dimensioned by accounts, products, and time.  The formula (TIMESUM('DAT05 Historic Revenue by Product'.Revenue) <> 0) in the "Data?" line item is looking at the data module and returning a value of TRUE if there is data at the intersection of account and product.  The "Manual?" line item then gives users the ability to manually add a combination even if there isn't data at that intersection.  For example, maybe there wasn't data at the intersection last year, but you know there will be this year so you want to include it in your combination list.  The "Manual?" line item gives you the ability to make those overrides.  The "Valid?" line item is looking to see if either the "Data?" line item or the "Manual?" line item are TRUE, and this is the line item you filter on when creating your combination list.  


    As far as best practices, I think this is a good example to follow.  I would have one line item that identifies valid combinations based on your current data, a second line item that allows end users to make manual adjustments, and a third line item that tells you if either of your first two line items are TRUE.  The third line item is what you will filter on when creating a saved view to create your combination list.