Lesson 9.2.5: 5% turns into 420%


Hello All

I have a question I hope someone can help me with.

I input 5% on my F19 for REV 04 , then i receive 420% for my REV 05

Is there antone who can help me out?


  • Hi,


    What does your function look like in REV05? Do you lookup against country and product family? Do you have the correct country and product family that you are comparing? 


    Do you have correct format of the percentage? 

  • Hi 


    In the staging module you need to select a product and location also.


    Are you sure you are using 2 Lookups in your staging module formulas? Hint : look at your system modules for product family and product location.


    Once this is done correctly, you will see the relevant % in the staging module from the % in the first module.





  • It looks correct to me. Double check weather you have the right country and product family in your systems modules. 

  • Hi Wskagegard,

    Thank you for your reply.

    Somehow it multiplies the 5% with the amount of times the product family "Chocolates" is named in SYOS06 Product details and the amount of times the US location is named in the SYOS04. 


    Does this provides more info to help me get to the proper solution?

  • Ah now I know what the problem is. You have the wrong dimensionality in the REV05 module. There you should have location and product as dimensions. The level of country and product family you already have in the REV04 module. 

  • That's a good  comment- however I am already using the location and product as dimensions. 

  • Ok so what percentage does it give you for one product that has chocolates as product family and a city that has us as country. If it gives you 5% it works. I cant see anything on country and PF level in my model. That's because I dont have any summary on. MAybe you have summary on your line items in REV05?

  • Hi wskagegard , 

    How stupid of me- sorry for wasting your time. 

    I was indeed looking at the sum -.-"

    My bad!