Select Source stuck


Hello I am trying to follow the directions for Import Data into DAT03 Historic Model and I am getting this error:



Also doing the same with I try and run the Process 9 import? Is something wrong with my Model or? Thank you. 


  • jdonay_0-1660745968914.png


  • What is the error message? Or does it get stuck after you initiate the imports like in your attached pictures? 


    Have you chosen the correct model and module view as the source when you are importing the data? 

  • @wskagegard  I do not get an error message. Those pop up screens after running the Process or import continues to spin and does nothing as if it is stuck.

  • The  I think it must be a performance issue. Have you tried importing data from csv files instead? IS it only model to model imports that doesn't work? 

  • I was able to import into DEM01 Module from lesson perfect. Now running into issues with the instructions in 2.3.9 Activity: Volume Growth Rates.