L2 1.5.5 Activity: Create Time Range - Create an FY19 Time Range


Hello All, 


Creating a New Time Range for the above L2 excercise; however, it does not appear that I am allowed to choose a start period that am I am being asked to do (see below screenshots). 


My suspicion is that the Model Calendar settings drive this behavior; however, the Introduction to Time Ranges video did not seem to call this out and I am fearful of breaking my model. Thanks for any advice!


The request: 




My New Time Range Options: 



Model Calendar settings: 





  • @JGerloff93  


    Yes, the Model Calendar will drive some of the options in the Time Ranges tab.  You have your Model Calendar set to Months/Quarts/Years, but it needs to be "Weeks: 4-4-4, 4-5-4 or 5-4-4" for the L2 model.  After you change the Calendar Type you'll see a line below to select the "Week Grouping into Months / Qtrs" and that should be "4-4-5".  Once you make these changes you should be able to select the Starting Period you're looking for in your Time Range.    

  • @JGerloff93  


    This activity should work as is, as the calender settings have been created for you for the model. Unless you changed the settings, the time range is for the year FY19.


    I would check the calendar setting as per screen shot and verify it is correct.Then create the time range.


    Thk you