10.2.2: Decimal places seperator error at importing data


Hi all, 

I have a quick NOOB question. 

As my browser is not set on US standards - I have some trouble when importing files that use "." instead of ","
For decimal places. 

The result is if I import numbers that use "." as decimal seperator it gets treated as thousand seperator.
So it get's displayed as $500.500 (fivethousand fivehundred) instead of $500,50  (fivehundred and fifty cents)

When importing the data I do not see a option that takes this into account (see printscreen). 
Can someone help me resolve this?

Please see screenshots attached 
IST result = my current result 
SOLL result= the result as it should be


  • Hi,


    You can choose this under file options. It's the pop up when you upload a new file. You can also change an existing file by clicking Edit file.



  • You're a hero!

    Thank you!!

  • @Clarke 


    When importing, under file options you can choose a decimal point or a comma for decimal numbers.


    In Europe, the use of a comma is quite common when importing data for decimal numbers separators, for example 


    Thk you