Ability to Post Images Behind Firewall


Just curious if the Anaplan "images" card has the ability to post images behind a firewall?  Or do all images within Anaplan interfaces need to be publicly available?


I saw in a thread someone mentioned an "internal server", but what I'm not clear on is how to configure that, or if the "images" feature has any way to authenticate/view non-publicly available images.







  • Matthew,


    Correct images must be stored in a publicly accessible location.




    We recommend you manage images in a central system module. This enables you to reference the same URL throughout your model and ensures consistency.






  • Per the Anapedia documentation that @ChrisStauffer shared, there are restrictions in terms of the URL format:

    Image URLs must begin with https:// and end with a .jpg.jpeg.gif, or .png file extension.

    While it is generally possible to restrict images on a website to require authentication, it will almost always involve creating a URL that links to a script or has other parameters on the end of it, which in turn can validate that the user is authenticated before rending the image on the page. Such a URL would not end in a valid extension for Anaplan, and thus will throw an error like the below:




    It may be possible to secure an image such that it meets the URL requirements above, but I'm not aware of any techniques and, of course, such an approach would not be officially supported by Anaplan. One possible approach might be to use some sort of htaccess or IP-based authentication techniques on the firewall itself, similar to what is outlined in this StackOverflow post.


    If you find something that works, please do share with the community!