Adding Data Write Action to Existing Process


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Is there a way we can add Data Write action to existing process so that we don't have to run it manually?


Use Case - In an Approval workflow, I am trying to capture Approval Date as soon as the Approval action is ran.


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  • Misbah
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    No, I don't think that is feasible as of now. Forms, Notifications and Data Write all can not be put in the exiting process - reason being that all these are created on UX directly and there are no impression left on the underlying model.

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  • ankabra
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    Thanks @Misbah - Agreed. It would be helpful if we could scale up the usage of the Data Write Action. It would have saved a lot of time and effort and would have saved us from creating multiple saved views and actions. Currently, it can only update one cell at a time, which limits its use. In any case, let's hope this gets updated in the future.