2.3.9 Activity: Historic Volumes to Baseline Forecast -Action Contains the wrong information


When attempting to Run Process 9. Imort Data from Hub- I consistently hit this error.


Import into DAT03 Historic Volumes module unsuccessful: Ensure the column headers in the import file map to the correct dimensions in your module, then run the import again.


I searched this community before posting this question and saw several screenshots of what information should be in this action. 


Obviously this is incorrect and the error lies in my Data Hub from Sprint 1. However, I am not sure how this Process 9 was populated and how i'm pulling in the incorrect information. I imagine I should be looking at a saved view, or perhaps a formula in my SYS module that could result in this error. 





Any assitance would be welcomed.



  • @JGerloff93 


    For this activity your are importing data from the module "DAT03 Historic Volumes" in your Data Hub to the "DAT03 Historic Volumes" module in your L2 model.  


    The dimensions of your modules should be the following: 

    Model: Data Hub

    Module: DAT03 Historic Volumes 
    Dimensions: Accounts Flat, SKU Flat, Time 
    Time Range: FY19

    Time Scale: Week

    *You should have a saved view for this module called "Export".  This is the saved view you will use for your import. 


    Model: L2 

    Module DAT03 Historic Volumes 

    Dimensions: P3 SKU, Accounts, Time 

    Time Range: FY19 - FY20 

    Time Scale: Week 


    In the screenshot of your import I see line items that shouldn't be in either of the DAT03 modules.  For example, Shipping Method Flat, Shipping Time, and Cost per 1000 Units.  You should just be importing Volumes from the Data Hub to the L2 model.  I would also take a look at your time scale and range.  In your screenshot it's showing FY20 but you should be importing weekly data for FY19.  You might have the wrong time scale and range or you could have a filter applied.   


    You can check the source and target objects of your actions by going to Actions and then looking at the Import tab.




  • Thanks for the clarity, I had importred the wrong saved view and saved it as such; therefore it was pulling in the wrong info. I appreciate the help!