7.2.1 Activity: Import Data into Product Details Module- NEED HELP, I am stuck.


Hi There,

using below mapping


In an attempt to get below


Bur instead I am getting 



without any change . What am I doing wrong? Please help.




  • @Tempest 

    1) Does your Size list consists of the elements you trying to import and the naming is the same?

    2) Make sure the list is not numbered and if it is - then you would have to add code to match identifier from the import file.

    3) If you don't need to load Product Code and Family Code - I'd recommend you to remove this columns from the source file in order to eliminate errors 1 and 2.

  • Hi Tempest,

    From the requirement it seems you need to import the size of the product. 

    1. No need to import Product Code and Product Family from the sheet, you can get the code using Code(P2 Product) formulae and Product Family using Parent(Item(P2 Product)).

    2. While mapping, use the Product Code(source) to map with P2 Products which will avoid error.

    3. while mapping the line items just map size you will successfully import with any failure.

    Hope this helps.




  • This is what the import has



  • Tempest_0-1661224014121.png

    This is the source file. I tried removing the Product Code and Family Code then importing again and still can't seem to get it . Sometimes on the check your work portions I wish it show how they go to the correct method. 


  • @Tempest 


    You are trying to import size data in the relevant line item.

    I advise to use a code, in this case, Product Code, to identify products. A code is much better to use than textual references.

    Check for tabs also to confirm you mappings e.g. P2 Products, line items.... to confirm these a set correctly.

    You can ignore the other line items but just map size data to your size line item.


    Thank you



  • It is like I understand what the end goal and what I am trying to get to, however, I don't know the steps to get there. . I am desperate  trying to find examples online but I am unsuccessful. i feel like it is something very simple that I am missing. Still stuck.




  • Tempest_0-1661486103353.png


  • @Tempest 




    One way of understanding the import is to add the formulas required first into the module and then do the import; in this way you can see what exactly requires importing.

    In the image below the 2 formulas are present for the 2 lines items

    Screenshot 2022-08-26 at 08.19.39.png

    This means when you import, you only need the size data from the .csv file

    Screenshot 2022-08-26 at 08.22.28.png

    Screenshot 2022-08-26 at 08.22.38.png

    This will successfully import the size data required.


    Screenshot 2022-08-26 at 08.24.53.png


    Thank you



  • But this is what it is saying it should look like.


    Your's looks different. Same data but lined up differently.

  • @Tempest 




    Mine is just a different pivot view.


    You can pivot in Anaplan, like Excel using the pivot icon 


    My pivot makes the data easier to read 


    Hope this helps