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@VickiA  In your article: Coming Soon: New Modelling Experience as the defau... - Anaplan Community, it is noted that existing users will be able to switch back to the Old Modelling Experience, however, new users will not have this option.


I am encouraging all users to use the NMX, however, I wanted to clarify what "New User" means in this context.


Suppose there is an existing Customer whose users use the Old Model Experience and they have a new person join their team.

- will that new person count as a "New User" and therefore be forced to use the NMX

- or will the new person in an existing customer workspace count as an existing user and therefore be able to switch to the Old Model Experience to match their colleagues?


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  • VickiA
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    Hi @TimWard70 


    Thank you very much for your question.


    All users at existing customers will be able to revert back to Classic if needed. Regardless of wether or not they are a new user after the New Modelling Experience becomes the default.


    I hope this helps to answer your question and please reach out if you have any further questions.