Facing issue in Parent Child allocation


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Need Help from the topic " Lists" .


While importing data for Parent Child bifurcation or allocation facing the following issues : ( Not getting the correct profile ) : The screen shots attached for 'Product ' & ' Employee ' Lists. 


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  • Hi @BapinB, Looking at your screenshots I wonder if you have loaded the data correctly.  eg CH is the code for the Product Family Chocolates rather than a child of Chocolates.  Likewise, SA is the code for the Sales Department and not a child.  When you come to import the employee or product details it is recommended that we use Code for the mapping on import - you will struggle to do this with the data as you have it.  Please do ask follow-up questions if anything is not clear. 

  • Hi , 


    Thanks for the Reply . I have uploaded whatever Data has been provided to me . I do not think there is a problem with data upload but in the Mapping . Can some one help me with the mapping ?



  • No problem, happy to help - in your original post you did not indicate what you were trying to map to what - could you describe the steps you ar taking and the error you are trying to correct in a little more detail please.

  • okay , My problem - I am not able to get the mapping between the Parent and Children correctly although the Data Imported is correct . 


    In the First Q , I had attached some Screen shots of where I  am going wrong . Now I am attaching some more Screen shots as to where I would my lists Mapping to be . 


    So , can you Please identify where I am going wrong and help to get the Correct Parent , child Configuration or Output .


    Thanks again