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Hi Anaplanners,


I have a query, I have a numbered list KKT with display name property and I have made a KKT DET module dimesioned with KKT and has line items code and name. These line items use formula code(item(KKT)) and KKT.display name.

To create actions I used a file to load KKT list and then same file to load KKT DET module. It is loading fine.


Now, I am running the actions from informatica and what I see is the Name is blank in KKT DET module, also KKT list items  appear as #24,#25.... (Identifiers).


Please suggest what could be wrong here.



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  • TristanS
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    That's strange. This should be basic numbered list configuration. Might be missing a step your configuration. I'm assuming you  still have the changes I recommended. If you do can you check the following: 

    1. the name line item in KET DET is populated (screenshot 1). Notice when it's populated the list has a name otherwise it has # numbers. 

    2. go to "General lists", look for KET and in the column Display Name property it should have display name or the name of the property you created (screenshot 2) 

    3. go to the "Properties" tab in the KET list and the formula is populated (screenshot 3)


    screenshot 1: 


    screenshot 2:



    screenshot 3: 



  • ryan_kohn
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    It's very likely you are missing a mapping or trying to import the name on top of an existing formula.


    You should have two import actions. I believe you're already doing this.


    The source file must contain Code and Name. You probably have other columns, but I'll ignore those for this purpose.


    Step 1: Import into the KKT list. Map: Code->KKT.Code. The Display Name property should contain a formula, per @TristanS's guidance. You will not be able to map Name here. 


    Step 2: Import into the KKT module. Match items on Code. Map: Name->Display Name. The Display Name line item should not contain a formula.


    Lastly, it's probably also worth checking that you actually have selected your list property as the list's Display Name Propety in General Lists:




    You can read more on Anapedia about how to create display names for numbered lists in Anaplan.


  • @kamil101 

    There's several ways this can happen 

    1. Display name property against the list (see yellow highlighted section below) has not been set



    2. the display name property in the list is blank as per #2 in screenshot below



    Having said that you usually set the display name as a formula, e.g. 

    name line item in KTT DET usually doesn't have a formula. You load the value in to this line item  


    and then in your list you have a formula that points to KTT DET module. 





  • Hi, thanks trying it but no luck.


    I already have display name property, I changed the formula for it as suggested and also loaded name in the module from file.



  • @ryan_kohn @TristanS 

    Thank you so much for help! It worked. 🙂


  • @kamil101 Great news and glad to hear it! When you get a chance, please go ahead and mark one or both of our answers as solutions. Thanks!