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Is there we can control the number scaling on the graph axis ?

When i fix the graph size to say 1000-2000 it comes in 1000 format, while if the graph size is left dynamic or fixed for a higher range like 1000-10000 it automatically scales to 1k-10k. 

Is there a way i can control this and have it done as per business requirement ?


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  • pyrypeura
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    There is no way controlling the native scale of graphs in Anaplan. However you could do your own solution. For example you can in the module divide the number with 1000 and then in the graph title add K to indicate that values are in thousands.


    You can also make this more flexible and have a dimension of possible dividers and a module dimensionalised by this divider dimension and then dividers can be inputted as constants there. Then in the UX you can let the users decide the divider on a dropdown. Then in the reporting module you can use the dropdown selection for a lookup that divides the value to be reported. 


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