level 1 certificate


Hi, I completed my Level 1 exam and scored 90 % and also completed Level 2 exam and got the certificate for Level 2. After completing my Level 1 exam forgot to complete the learner survey and continue with Level 2. But now I realize that I haven't receive completion certificate of Level 1. Going back to level 1  it is showing that learner survey will be available after completion of Level 1 exam. Should I have to take the exam again. Kindly suggest me what to do.


  • @Bhavani99 

    If you're fortunate enough to have saved a screenshot of the exam results (90%) you can send that to support@anaplan.com and they will ensure you've been credited. One of the more recent Community changes is that badges are usually not given out, so don't rely on that as a validation. Work with support, they'll get you to the finish line!

  • @JaredDolich @Bhavani99 Just to add here all queries related exam and certification should go to academy@anaplan.com - They should be able to solve if you have screen shots saved.