Filtering Data


Hello Community,

In My model building I need a filter. Where if I Check on Monthly data should be available on monthly Basis. And if I check quarterly then it should be available in Quarterly basis so on..

Please help me through this.





  • Hi,

    You can achieve this with simple filtering modules. First module would be selection filter to select if months or quarters should be shown. 



    Second module would be a calculation module where show months and show quarters are calculated on separate line items. Then these two line items are calculated together with Or statement. This final boolean value can be then used to filter wanted views. 



    When creating filtering modules you probably want to include user list especially if there is more than one user for the view. When user list is included then each user can control their own filters.


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    Pyry Peura

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  • @AbhishekKPPN 

    Create this selecting module 


    create and refer as this below module 



    And put these three Boolean in to filter where you want select Any instead of All while applying filter.





  • Hi @jagadishdash,

    Please note that according to the best practices filters should be always one boolean not multiple booleans as multiple booleans is worse for the performance.


    Here's a link to filter best practices: 

  • Do you want just Months or months with FY like (jan -Dec or FY22) in months?
  • @pyrypeura 

    Yes, Right.

    For that case we can use combined filter (create one line item where three of the filter formula will be there with OR , use filter in the module as combined filter).