Too many Stock Exceptions




I'm doing Level 2, Sprint 3.

After creating INV03 Distribution Center Summary module I've realised there are too many Stock Exceptions. A similar result I have in INV04 Distribution Center Capacity module. The screenshots of both modules are below.



Is it OK or did I smth wrong?


Hear the screenshot of the blueprint of INV01 Inventory Ordering.




  • Hi,


    The formulas are correct. It is probobly some problem in the data for example the confirmed purchase order reciepts or the forecasted demand. Look at those numbers and see if any of them looks wrong. Maybe you have uploaded data with komma as decimal deliminator or something like that. You see that the beginning inventory goes down too much. 

  • @YuriPinchuk 

    @wskagegard is correct. When you get to the exam you'll be given an input file that will give you all the receipts. Right now if you check all you have are sales which reduce your inventory. Without replenishment, the inventory will eventually go below zero causing all the exceptions. Once you load all the receipts, in this case purchase orders, you'll see the exceptions go away. If after the load you still have too many exceptions, you'll need to go back and look at your formulas.

  • Thanks, your reply helps me to calm down and pass the exam