INV01 L2S3 Formula Help



I believe my formulas are correct; however, my data does not seem to change from week to week, so I'd like someone to double check and provide any insight. 




Josh G


Actual Outcome:




Expected outcome:



Specifically, line items - Forecast Demand, Suggested Order Amount for month, and ending inventory all seem to be slightly off.




  • @JGerloff93 

    INV01 is a challenge. You're doing great.

    To start, you'll want to verify your SYS01 1st Week of Timescale? and the partner line item Not 1st Week of Timescale? Looks like that might be why your beginning inventory isn't changing. Some people just make the line item editable and check the first week. Others do it more formally, as shown below.

    IF 'SYS01 Time Settings By Week'.'Not First Week of Timescale?' THEN PREVIOUS(Ending Inventory) ELSE 'DAT01 Beginning Inventory'.Beginning Inventory



  • Always happy when I get an answer from the Anaplan Master. Thanks Jared!
  • No problem @JGerloff93 - you got this.