Level 2 Model Building with NMX is Now Available!


Blog Cover Feature 1500x900.pngAnaplan Academy has refreshed the Level 2 course to incorporate Anaplan’s new modeling experience (NMX) user interface.

The NMX version of the Level 2 Model Building course includes updated wording and screenshots that reflect the new modeling experience. The main differences are model navigation using a left-hand model settings bar, the presence of banner navigation tabs above the model, and an updated formula editor. Micro-lessons and model building activities have been modified so that learners will learn to navigate and build with the new modeling experience.

Both OnDemand and Instructor-led Level 2 courses use NMX as of September 12, 2022. OnDemand learners who are already underway in the course have the option to finish in the classic modeling interface or transition to the NMX version.

Access Level 2 Model Building NMX OnDemand in the Anaplan Learning Center. Click the Model Training tile on your dashboard; then click Level 2.