Hello everyone, 

i 'm try to import DAT03 historic volume from Data Hub to Supply Chain Model but i get the error below, also Iactivity error from.JPGDATA HUB- HISTORIC VOLUME-NUMBER.JPGDATA HUB-IMPORT.JPGimport error L22.JPGSUPPLY CHAIN ACTION.JPGSUPPLY CHAIN HISTORIC VOLUME-BOOLEN.JPGSUPPLY CHAIN IMPORT DATA SOURCE.JPGSUPPY CHAIN IMPORT.JPG attached all setting i made with my modules including the mapping  too. I real appreciate for quickly assistance.


  • @erijustine 

    As i can see your error screen shot. There's mapping error target module with the data hub in historic volume import.


    Recheck the Mapping or please share the screen shot of mapping how you are doing so that i can help you ahead.



  • Could you provide a screenshot or more details about how the internal error message shows up?

  • Hello @jagadishdash 

    thanks for your response actual i have already fix that. the issue was on mapping and time range setting. but i have another issue now can explain what does this error mean and how to correct it. all i **** doing is try to add formula to final forecast in DEM03what does this ERROR mean..JPG

  • @erijustine 

    As i can see from screenshot. You are putting the formula in override forecast, Put the formula in Final forecast.


    You're putting the formula in override Forecast and the formula itself present override forecast. That's why it's showing circular reference error.

    Hope you got it.



  • Same issue still no fix to this. Point Click Care CNA

  • @Sandra859 

    Hey, Which issues you are facing? Please Share the screenshot, so that i can help you out.