Publish Parent of Numbered List as Page Selector



I’m trying to use a numbered list parent only to publish as a page selector on a classic dashboard.


The parent is the lowest level in a composite hierarchy, AND selected as a subset to be used for the numbered list.


When I try to use the numbered list, I get all the details under the parent. 


When I try to use the subset of the parent, I get the entire composite hierarchy.





  • @njduncanson 

    Common challenge seems like an easy solve, but it has been an on going debate, which thankfully was solved with UX.

    Only suggestion I have in classic is to add a filtered grid that only has the hierarchy values you want. Then synchronize all the grids to that one.

    In UX you can filter the context selector to meet your use case above. I'm afraid all the new development is for UX not classic so it may be a while, if ever, you'll see that feature. Hope you can switch to UX.

  • Hi Jarod,

    Not surprised and yes, hope to get to new UX soon!

    Regarding what you referred to as a "grid", assuming this is a module with the composite list with a boolean line identifying the items that should be included?  I had attempted to do something like that, but the synchronization didn't work as still shows the complete hierarchy.  
    If you can provide more specifics, I'd appreciate it!