Saved View Import Have some code self attached to it



When I am trying to import a save view from the different models in a different workspace, the save view names are getting added with a hashtag code and the import is also not working,

the Error is failed to locate the Save view ,


Anyone have faced a similar problem?




  • Hi @kumarshubham 

    Please answer some questions in order to help you:

    1) Is the source model unarchived?

    2) Can you find this saved view in the source model?

    3) In the target model. Please go to Actions settings and open Imports tab to find this import and then lookup import data source (first column - blue color). Then find this import data source in the last tab and click edit. What do you see?


    Most probably no saved view is linked so you would have to set it up again.

  • A screenshot to the third point:



  • Going to take a guess.. your source model isn't linked up correctly.


    If you've moved models around or you're attempting to use a view in a different source model, you also need to update the source model link (if you haven't already).


    When you navigate to the 'Source models' tab in the target model, you should see a list of models that are being imported from. Click on each one and hit 'Edit Mapping...'. If any of them give you an error, you'll need to repoint to the source model you intend to use.


    There's a similar concept for each individual action, but I wager it's a model-level issue.