why integer number being transferred into decimal number after importing


Hello All


I have faced an issue that some integer numbers being transferred into decimal numbers after importing.

The situation is I imported some code from a saved view of a module from A Model to the code cells of the list of B Model.
For example, the code 179546 in a saved view of a module from A Model will be 179546.0 in the code cells of the list of B Model.
I have already set the format of the module of A Model in TEXT, not number, so I think this is not related to the data format in A model. And the code cells of the list of B Model cannot set format, so I dont know which part transfers the format of data.

Hope kindly you can help me to slove this isuue, thank you all


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  • KirillKuznetsov


    I am almost 100% sure it happened because first time you imported from numbered line item to a code (=text)

    You can test it.

    About parent error one more thing. Probably you are trying to link to some parent elements which are not in the list yet. So first you have to add them. You can try to copy the code value of the parent item you want to import and paste it manually against some item in this list - and see what will happen. 


  • Hi @Lance808 

    If I understand correctly you are trying to import code from a saved view module to a list.

    Actually the source format matters.

    If in a source you have number format - then it will be imported as a number with a desimal even if it is 0.0

    To load data as a code you have to change the source format to text using formula TEXT().

    If you are using built-in code property in the list - then it is text format by default.


    I have another thought that you probably loaded list elements using code as item identifier in import settings. This way the previously loaded list elements with decimals in it (like 179546.0)  will stay the same and below you will find the new elements with the correct code. Could you check the bottom of the list if you have the expected codes?

  • Dear Kirill Kuznetsov

    Thank you for your answer.

     Yes, I am trying to import code from a saved view module of A Model to a list of B Model(please let me call it "100 list" becasue I will use it in later).(import between two Model)

    Then the data source I have selected the TEXT format, so I think the format is not the reason.


    then I found "invaild parent" error in the child list of "100 list" when I import data to the child list of "100 list", and I check the bottom of the list then I do not find the expected codes.



  • @Lance808

    Does the Code line item in the source have correctly calculated/input value? Without decimals?

    Could you try to delete all elements of the list and load it again? I assume tyou have a hierarchy in this list. Could you tell if its a nested hierarchy?

    Do you reference to higher hierarchy levels in this list to link to parents?

    Could you please provide screenshots with import mapping settings?


  • Dear @KirillKuznetsov 
    The code line items in the source have correctly concatenation without decimals.(using TEXT)
    The concatenation logic is if the data is before 2000years , then I will concatenation the code like 12375_2000.

    And I deleted all and input again and import them to the list of B Model again, I do NOT find the code become decimal number, but I have to find the reason why some code become decimal number because my job need..


    And the list of B Model which accrued this problem has a nested hierarchy



  • @Lance808 

    1) About parent error. You cannot have numbered list and nested hierarchy in this list. You can have only a composite hierarchy using numbered list. Otherwise, please use non-numbered list.

    You can test it yourself: try to manually select a numbered element of the list and link it as a parent to another element within this list. You will get an error:

    A numbered list item cannot have a parent from the same numbered list. If you want to assign parents to numbered list items, you must create a composite hierarchy


    2) Were you able to load the items with correct codes successfully? Or there is something else i can help you with?


  • @KirillKuznetsov 
    Sorry, I have said something wrong, I checked my model, I use composite hierarchy, not nested hierarchy, and i dont seen the error you write below.
    But thank you for your kindness help, I still want to find the reason because I am afraid it will happend agian

  • @KirillKuznetsov 

    please let me show you my data source(the property of list which applied by the module of A list), they all be TEXT format


    and the format of code line item in moducle  is also TEXT 


    So I don't think I imported from numbered line item to a code (=text)

    Regards, Lance