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I recently made my first model, and I used a lot of IF-function to select data for the line-item from another model. However I recently saw a model with the following line items (Picture attached), which allows a submodel in the line item and Anaplan being able to collect the data behind it. I was wondering how this was done? Is there a reference page on Anapedia explaining this feature? Kind regards, Mickel


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  • harish_bk
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    Hi Mickel

    You get these subsidiary views to the line items when your line item uses the lists different from the main module.

    When you create a line item it uses all the lists used by the module, you can change the usage by selecting or deselecting required lists in the "Applies to Column" of the module in the blue print mode.

    For time and versions you need to select or deselect or make changes in the respective tabs in the bluepring mode of the module


  • Hi Mickel,

    I can't see what that model is doing but my guess is that it's using a line item subset. This is a really powerful feature of Anaplan that lets you turn the "line items" dimension of one module into a standard dimension of another module (or lots of other modules), while automatically picking up the data from the source module, keeping the lists of line items in synch etc.

    Read about line item subsets here:

    You need to know about line item subsets - they're really important! Hope this answers your question.

  • Hi,
    another way to bypass IF THEN is by matching item to lists elements, and then using lookup or sum functions between source modules where the data in entred and target modules where the data is used.

    Kind regards.