3.3.12 Activity: Create Product Replenishment UX Page


I'm having trouble editing the final tables in the UX page. After I add the grid cards and link to the modules "SYS00 Time Settings by Month module, Planning Period Filter saved view" and "INV01 Inventory Ordering module grid published to the UX page", the boolean selectors are greyed out and uneditable in the dashboard. I was working with anaplan classic while using the new ux, but maybe this is okay?







  • @jameskelly 

    Just a quick check on the "allow editing". If that was selected and the Booleans are still not editable, make sure you don't have any DCA on them and that you have the filters set appropriately on months.



  • Hello, 


    DCA is turned off in the underlying tables (the read/write section in blueprint view has nothing filled in), I have allow editing checked, but it's still greyed out. 


    The source table SYS01 Time Settings by Week, has some rows greyed out originally. When I connect the module to the grid view, the table is greyed out to begin with. 


    Any help will be appreciated. 




  • Apologies, it's SYS00, but it's the same issue. DCA off, editing on, still grey. 






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