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Why is Plant Demand not considered an Assumption in the Anaplan Optimizer? "Assumptions are line items with numeric format. They can be calculated or input. If they are calculated, you cannot use a variable as part of the formula." Since Demand would be numeric value, why would it not be an Assumption? You need to be able to balance your on-hand and your forecast to meet current and future needs with production. (in order to make sure that your product is at the current distribution center for shipping to the customer) Or is this answered later in the course?  

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  • TimothyThomas

    Hi @MindyU ,


    I think the wording here was a bit tricky as this confused me as well when I went through the Optimizer training. I think that Plant Demand is technically not part of the problem, instead it is Distribution Center demand as the plants are separate from the distribution centers and instead have their own production capacity as their constraint to worry about. 


    So I think you're thinking of it right, it's just a weird way that it's worded in the training.


    Hope that helps!


  • Thank you Timmy - I was reading that as Demand could be a problem - which is not correct. Demand is not a problem - lack of stock would be a problem. Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate that. 

  • No problem! Best of luck utilizing the Optimizer, it's a powerful tool for sure!