Help! I'm looking into a performance problem!


At present, there are two workspaces, workA and workB. A process needs to be added to the Action of the first workA to import the data of moduleB in workB into the List of workA. When the amount of data is large, Whether the workB moduleB cannot be opened and edited when the action is executed.


  • @dy100912130 

    Do I understand correctly that source module is not opening during a long import running in the target model?

    I have to say this is a question of model performance optimization. If you have such an issue you have to figure out a solution. For example, by updating only edited information.

  • Thanks for your answer!
    If data is transferred between Modules in the same model, the source Module cannot be opened. However, my question is about transferring data between modules for different models.

  • I don't understand the issue either.
    However, an import in Anaplan is a blocking action. All data writes are.
    Anaplan will block some activity on Model A as data is being read and will block most activity in Model B as the import reads from A, writes the data and then recalculates as necessary.
    The larger the amount of data the longer it will take, factors affecting that may also be filters on the saved view producing the data. 
    If you are writing to a list the impact to the model can be large, it will trigger recalculations in anywhere that model is used as a format, an applies to or directly referenced through a select.

    These types of imports should not be frequent though and should be run by admin outside of busy periods, so as to not affect users.