Landing page when you open a model


Hello Team , so when we open a model from the app page it lands on 'Time' tile in Model Settings. If we have a model role that has selective access, it generally opens onto a blank tile and then when they click on the module they have access to , they can see the data. Is there a way we can set what tile or module a user will land when they open a specified model? 


Best Answer

  • JaredDolich


    In short, not really.

    The user you're referring to must be a model builder (workspace administrator). You can have a WA land on a classic dashboard if you like, but without anything specified, they will land on the calendar. WA have rights to change their selective access to, so that won't help either.

    When you need the WA to completely not have access to other list items then you'll need to either go on your honor, or change the model so that it only contains the list items they have access to. This also means you'll have to restrict their access on the data hub.

    Hope this helps.