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Hey everyone! 


My name is Chad Pyke. I just started my Anaplan journey and am excited to learn from each of you! 


I'm hoping to transition into a career in Anaplan/EPM by EOY and would love any advice or counsel you have on the customer vs partner track. 




  • Hi Chad,


    Nice to meet you! That's exciting - I think most of us would agree that it's a really exciting space to get in on right now. My experience is fully on the customer side, so I'm likely a bit biased towards that end, though there are of course lots of great reasons to go with a partner as well. Would be more than happy to chat 1:1 some time if you're game!



  • Hi Chad!


    Welcome to the Anaplan community! I also am biased and am on the customer track of Anaplan but I also know others on the partner track who also are loving it. It is a very exciting time to be getting into the Anaplan journey and happy for you to connect with me 1:1 if you have any questions! 

  • Thanks Timmy! 


    Makes total sense. I'd love to connect 1x1. and learn more about your path into Anaplan and experience thus far! 

  • Hi Cora


    Thanks so much!! I would love to connect 1x1 and learn more about your experience on the customer side.


    Will shoot you a direct message to set up some time.


    Have a great day! 

  • So do I. Nice to be a memmber of this community.

  • Hi Anren, 


    Would love to hear more about your goals with Anaplan and where you'd like to go with your career! 


    Maybe we can set up a virtual coffee connect?


    Let me know.



  • Welcome to the community. I'm sure you'll find all the answers