2.3.13 Activity Global Demand Assumptions


Hi everyone,

 I am trying to do this activity but values are not same. Do you know why? I used DEM01 Volume Grow Rates saved view but Feb 20 is different. 


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  • Hi,


    The growth rates are just an import from a csv file you get from the lesson right? So I would look at the filw which numbers you have there, they might be different than the ones on the screen? 


    Or you have made a mistake when you uploaded the growth rates. Maybe you used the wrong file? There is a price growth rate csv from level 1 that has the same dimensions.



  • No, I`ve just checked and my values are right. There must be something that I I missed but where?

  • Ok, I don't think you have done anything wrong. I don't think the figures in anaplans mockup is for you to check that the import is correct. That is for you to use when you design the user experience page. So I would go forward if I were you. You will notice further on if the figures are incorrect. Your module is correct anyway 🙂 

  • Thank you for your time, it could be very confusing sometimes but you are right, I must go on.

    Best wishes!
  • @Muhammed 


    The UX pages in the course are wireframes; they are a good guide to build the actual UX pages but only a guide. I would ignre the numbers in these mockups; the real numbers from the modules will vary.


    I use these a wireframe guides only before I create the UX pages in classess.


    Thank you



  • Thank you Ravinder