TEXTLIST() for displaying values

Hello all,


I've been wondering about a way to display selected values.

To give an example,


In my screenshot, three countries were selected and i like to display them to give users a sort of a recap.

So i tought using textlist() as follow :





However, it doesn't work and it seems that the problem resides in the fact that my List is in production data(which i really can't disable..).

Is there any way to display selected values within a line item ?






Best Answer

  • @HugoVolpi 

    You can, if you remove country list from the line item's dimension (as it says in the error).

    But let me suggest another solution to you.

    It's not a best practice to use TEXTLIST if you can avoid it.

    Which you can if you publish the module the second time, but now filtered by selected elements ('Save ?' = TRUE)

    You can hide all the columns of this module. So you will get a list of selected countries only.