Level 3 sprint 1


Hi Can some help me in Understand this step.


4.6.4, Its asking me to update A2 Account List from Data hub Model


My first question is source should be " SYS14 Create Account > Product module or  " Product Flat list"

Second, If I am using module than I am not getting display name to be used 






Please some one guide me in this step please


  • Hi @AnujTiwari ,


    For the first question : Whenever you are populating a list from Data Hub it should be always from a module(Saved view) and never a list according to the best practice.  So SYS14 Create Account > Product module should be the source.


    For the second question : You have to create "Display Name" in the property of the target list i.e A2 Account> Product list. After you create the display name in properties the display name will be appearing to map with.




  • Hi @Arnab116,


    Thanks for responding that's helps. I created view and display name properties and now I am able to import it but I am getting numbers under every account.





    I believe I Missed something while importing 






  • Sorry I figured it out, I missed to enable display name properties in setting.


    Thanks @Arnab116  for your help

  • Did you ever find a solution for this? I'm in the same situation. Still getting same error message. MyCFAVisit.com

  • @Curt866 Yes I got solution, can you elaborate how and what error you are getting