Mapping calendar weeks to a number




I'm working on an internal project and was wondering how I could map numeric values to calendar weeks. 


My data source file contains periods broken up into 18 weeks; is there a way I can map those number weeks to calendar weeks so the end user can see it that way? 


E.g. Week 1 would appear as 09/05/22 on the dashboard.



  • @JR1010 

    First I want to ask you what calendar type of weekly time scale you are currenly using?

    Two calendar types have options to display it's naming - Week Format. By default it's "Numbered" but you can change it to show first or last day of the week.



    And in module it will look something like this:


    "Weeks: General" type it is by default the same as the above.

    Do you think this format is ok or you need that custom one MM/DD/YY?


    If you strictly must have the custom one then you have to create a new list which will be your time dimension. But you have to understand that some of the features that the built-in time scale has won't be available using general list. This is the compromise you will have to deal with.

    Then you can map that list to a time scale by PERIOD() and DATE() formulas. Let me know if you need more details and which approach you decided to use.