Naming conventions : saved views name for sources


Hi, Modules are used as sources for lists or others models (and fro time to time as source for modules within the same model). In addition to the Convention for naming you will use in Anapedia, I use the following for the saved views of theses Source Modules : Source for List Source for Subset (a new one since Peter gave me the idea of using an name such as IMPORT SUBSET) Source for Data By doing so, I can easely find wich is the relevant source when I create the import in the target model. I I can make a difference in the processes between actions wich ADD / UPDATES lists and actions which add / update data in module. That's a very important point you need to take care off : there are a lot of situation when you need to update modules data from a source model BUT NOT ADD new list items. This way of naming saved views works fine for me. Eager to hear about your own. Kind regards. Michel.