Level 3 Sprint 1 5.2 - Initial Account Sales Target (


Hi, I've been stuck on this task for some time and I don't understand what we are meant to do with Initial Account Sales Target  Line Item do we use the same percentage Increases from the Data Hub model used for the  Initial Country Sales Target Line Item.


I'm  a bit clueless and would really appreciate any guidance I've attached what i have so far and I think the rest is correct, thanks in advance.


  • @BrodieAlexander 


    Assuming you did the previous steps correctly; the module should look like this (naming apart):


    Screenshot 2022-10-11 at 14.42.32.png

    There are screenshots in level 3 to check your numbers.


    Consider the formulas for the line items here:


    - where the data is coming from

    - appropriate use of SUMs and LOOKUPs


    Ultimately the initial sales targets will be : 'PY Account / PY Country Product Family' * Initial Country Sales Target

    But you need to carefully explore each line item formula to confirm.


    Level 3 is much more demanding than level 2 and requires more intense resolutions.

    Thank you

  • @RavinderB How did you get PY to CY revenue in the TAR00 module from the DAT02 module? Thank you!

  • @RyanD
    As written in @RavinderB answer.

    In level 3 You need to evaluate when and how to use functions such as SUM/Lookup/(ANY)
    - Or any other function that can move data through time.

    Depending of method applied, you would probably use the assistance of a SYS module to map the data correctly.

    Level 3 expects you as a model builder to have a pretty good understanding of how to manipulate these kind of scenarios. Thus, it's hard to explain much more without giving you the full answer.